A Rendezvous With History!
Tour Packages and Details

                                            Additional Tour & Experience Information

All Tour packages include the following in the experience package price:

  1. Airfare.  International round trip airfare from the experience origination city to the destination city in Europe.  Coach is standard but upgrades are available at actual cost.  Contact us for details.  We also apply your frequent flier membership number to your ticket so you can benefit from the travel points. 
  2. Ground Transportation.  All ground transportation in Europe is included in first class, state of the art, modern motor coaches with multilingual operators with whom we have a working relationship with.  Two week experiences include ground transportation from the host hotel in Atlanta to Toccoa, GA and to the airport for our International Flight. 
  3. Accomodations.  All hotel night stays in 3 and 4 star hotels or Chateaus.  You won’t be disappointed!    
  4. Meals.  Each tour includes the majority of the meals throughout the experience.  The two week experience includes 9 dinners, 4 lunches and 12 breakfasts.  The “D-Day 70th Anniversary” and “Battle of the Bulge” experience includes 5 dinners, 3 lunches and 7 breakfasts.  All meals are first class and again, you won’t be disappointed.  Should you have any special dietary needs we will do our best to accommodate them. 
  5. Museums.  Entrance fees or admission to any and all museums or exhibits we visit are included in the tour package. 
  6. Gratuity.  All Group dining gratuity is included.  Any additional gratuity extended is based on an individual basis.  Gratuity for the Coach Operator is typically based on a per bag basis per day.  More details regarding Coach Operators will be provided at a later date.  You will part as friends with our Coach Drivers! 
  7. Airport Transfers.  Transport to departing airport in US from our base hotel to the airport is included.  We will gladly help arrange ground transportation for you from the airport to our base hotel. 
  8. Special premiums.  We at Band of Brothers Tours have specific souvenirs and items that we will send to you prior to the experience as well as when we are doing the tour.  These are specific to the tour and included as well. 
  9. WWII Veterans.  They are our Guests and essentially, your Guest as well.  Their attendance is incorporated into the overall package price.  We do not charge WWII Veterans!  They will let you buy them a beer or two though!
  10.  Free Time.  We have incorporated periods of free time throughout the tour to allow you time to experience the local culture and people.  
  11.  An unforgettable experience of a lifetime!  We look forward to hosting you in 2013.